Case Study – Wheels for the Mind App

Wheels for the Mind magazine was a quarterly publication distributed 1998 – 2012 in PDF and printed formats to members of the Australian University Consortium (AUC) - a partnership between Apple and nine Australian Universities.

The purpose of the magazine was to educate and promote Apple hardware and software developments that would enhance the learning experience for educators, staff and students, and to enable member universities to purchase technology at reduced prices.

AUC ipads

With the rapid growth in digital publications in 2011 and 2012 published on iTunes, AUC engaged Meehan Design to design a one-off digital, interactive magazine that could be read and enjoyed by AUC members using Apple iPad.

The brief was to convert the existing portrait-oriented print magazine template into an online digital template optimised for portrait and landscape viewing on iPad, and to design and publish magazine articles integrating text, images, slideshows, video, podcasts and other interactive content as required.

Turning a traditional print magazine into a digital publication was a huge challenge, but one that was readily accepted and enjoyed by the Meehan Design team!

The challenges for Meehan Design included learning how to design portrait and landscape orientation layout templates optimised for iPad viewing, how to embed slideshows, video and podcasts into a magazine article, how to orchestrate smooth page orientation changes mid-article from portrait to landscape and vice versa, how to study for and achieve an Apple Developer License, and how to actually publish a completed magazine to iTunes.

The end result, as you can view here, is an exciting publication that embraces many interactive tools available to graphic and web designers today to enhance the reader experience and engage the user like never before.

Readers of the Wheels for the Mind digital publication benefited from viewing and interacting with magazine articles that featured slide shows, videos, an interactive crossword, page scrolling and article scrolling within a page, the ability to re-open the publication and land on the page last viewed, and much, much more.

If you’re a business looking to promote your business online to educate customers and increase sales, think about how all your existing sales and marketing tools like PowerPoint presentations, web seminar recordings, video and more could be presented as one online corporate publication that tells a story that engages your end customer in an exciting format – a format that rises above the standard flyer or booklet featuring basic text and images on a static background.

Give Meehan Design a call to learn more about digital publications and how we can showcase your business on iTunes and reach an audience who use technology to learn more about businesses just like yours.

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