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I can’t speak highly enough of Meehan Design. Matthew’s tireless efforts, patience and creativity with us while we worked out our business designs was amazing. He took us from a place of confusion about what we wanted to clarity and excitement over his designs. Matthew has a way of really understanding where the heart of a business and turning that passion into an incredible design.
Melissa Enticott

Graphic Design

All great design is founded in the five principles:
alignment, repetition, contrast, proximity and balance

Meehan Design draws on many years experience designing printed material including annual reports, corporate brochures, newsletters, magazines, publications, flyers, posters and more.

Professionally designed literature will engage your target audience. Whether you seek to build your sales pipeline, communicate business performance, or educate people about your company and services, you need to present your information and key messages in a format that is visually engaging and interesting.

Corporate logos and stationery are essential to creating a positive response and unique visual imprint on your target audience. A visual identity provides uniformity in how you present your brand to the market. Professional branding is integral to building a strong presence within your industry and introduces your business to potential customers.

Brochures and publications are powerful tools to attract and win new business. Presenting information and imagery in an attractive, easy-to-read format will invoke a positive response from the end reader. Brochures can be printed, or viewed online in PDF, e-Book, or interactive magazine formats.

While you're used to receiving your news and magazine publications online, have you thought about delivering your next corporate brochure or annual report as an interactive brochure? Embed slideshows, movie presentations, podcasts and more into your next publication and share more than just standard text and imagery to your target audience.

View our graphic design portfolio.

Website Design

A website is the front door to your business.

The Internet is an environment where prospective and existing clients have the opportunity to learn who you are, what you do, and whether to engage in business with you. Your website provides anonymity; however it illustrates and conveys your core values, mission, vision and core offering. It's much easier for prospective customers to learn more about your business on the internet rather than over the phone.

Your job as a business, and our job as your website designer, is to build a website that is engaging, informative, and compels people to make contact with you. Websites generate interest; websites generate sales leads.

A website is your most powerful sales and marketing tools with customers able to purchase items online, instruct companies to assist with their business, build customer databases, design, send our newsletters and more.

Business, sales and marketing tools you may use to promote your business and generate sales include:

  • Business directories
  • Subscriber databases
  • Image Galleries
  • Integration of social media
  • Responsive web pages optimised for viewing on mobile and fixed devices
  • Product catalogues
  • Shopping carts

Take a look at our website portfolio to see how the use of creative design and integrated business, sales and marketing tools, can showcase your business.

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